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Joint Comprehensive Plan Review 

Information is now available August 1, 2017

The DRAFT Joint Comprehensive Plan for the Boroughs of Avalon, Bellevue, Ben Avon and Ben Avon Heights is now available for public review.  There will be a 45-day review period beginning August 1 through September 15, 2017, where residents are asked to review this plan. Comments are welcome and may be submitted to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee through the Borough Administration Offices, addresses listed below, or through the email address

You may view a copy at the following links: 

Draft Joint Comprehensive Plan Part 1 - Chapters 1-3

Draft Joint Comprehensive Plan Part 2 - Chapters 4-5

You may also obtain a copy at the Borough Administration Offices.

Administration Offices are located at:

Avalon Borough

640 California Avenue, Avalon, PA  15202                     412-761-5820

Bellevue Borough

537 Bayne Avenue, Bellevue, PA  15202                       412-766-6164

Ben Avon Borough 

7101 Church Avenue, Ben Avon, PA  15202                  412-766-7704

Ben Avon Heights Borough 

6 Lynton Drive, Ben Avon Heights, PA 15202                 412-766-1561

All comments must be submitted by September 15, 2017.  

A public hearing will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at the Avalon Elementary School Auditorium located at 721 California Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202.