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Business Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm


Welcome to 
Avalon Borough's 
Storm Water Management 
Information Page

This sight will explain the importance of managing storm water before it reaches our creeks and rivers.  See how we can all help keep our watersheds free of pollution by keeping our neighborhood streets free of litter, managing pesticides, maintaining our vehicles properly, and cleaning up after our pets.  We can also
manage storm water by increasing green space - collecting rain water in rain barrels and using that water for our gardens.  

Get involved in community clean up days. Be sure to notify the Borough if you see clogged catch basins or a discharge of water that is not clear or has an odor. Everyone can help. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Click on the fish icon to learn what Storm Water Management means to Avalon Borough 

A cooperative project between Avalon Borough 
& Avalon Elementary School
Visit MS4-101-2016 to see student projects and videos.
Please click on the 
MS4 image to the right 
to view the history
of our MS4 Permits.  

Do you see garbage being thrown in the catch basins? Oil running down the street? Trash in Spruce Run creek by the pool? Report all Illicit Discharges on the form below and email it to
or call the Borough Administration Office at 412-761-5820.
IDD&E - Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
An illicit discharge is any type of pollution.  In our creek, Our river. Catch Basins in the streets. Storm sewers. Pollution is oil, paint, soap suds, dog waste, litter, tires, anything that could travel to the river.  We want to know.  We want to keep our Borough and waterways clean.  Your help is needed to help us locate problems.  We appreciate your help.  We thank you for helping us keep your neighborhoods clean.