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Zoning Permits, Building Permits, Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement



Avalon Borough currently employs Harshman CE Group LLC for all building issues (new, rehabilitation, roofing, decks, demo, retaining walls over 4 feet, pools, etc.), and all code enforcement issues (property maintenance).  Harshman LLC offices are located at 2455 Park Ave, Washington, PA 15301 and their number is (724) 993-4505.  Building Code Official Jarrod D'Amico and Code Technician Randy McCray are currently assigned to Avalon Borough.


Building permit regulations are based on International Building Code 2000 & 2006, the Avalon, Bellevue, Ben-Avon Joint Zoning Ordinance currently in effect (April 2009), as well as any other ordinances pertaining to property maintenance that are currently on the books.  Keep in mind that some projects require building plans and/or surveys to be included with your applications. Applications are available here.   Not sure if you need a permit?  Please call Avalon Borough or BIU before starting your project.




Occasionally, your project may require an electrical inspection.  Avalon Borough’s electrical inspector may be reached by calling Harshman CE Group LLC at 724-993-4505.


Any work being completed in Avalon Borough that changes the footprint of the building or adds an accessory structure to the property will require a Zoning Permit. Any new or replacement fences, retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways, and swimming pools will need a Zoning Review and a Zoning Permit. The Zoning Officer is David Haslett. His number is 412-761-5959. Find more info at the Zoning Section of our website. 




Avalon Borough Ordinance #1273 is a Landlord Tenant Registration ordinance that requires owners and property management companies of all rental properties provide a list of the tenants renting at their property locations. 

Ordinance #1356 establishes the fees for the registration of each apartment at that rental location.  

Those fees are based on the number of units in your building:

1-3 units per property Fee: $25/unit

4-10 units per property Fee: $20/unit

10+ units per property Fee: $10/unit


Landlords are also required to obtain a Fire Safety Rental Operating License as defined by Ordinance #1272.  Fire Safety Inspections must be completed every 4 years for each unit in a building.  If the tenant changes within those 4 years, the apartment must be reinspected within 30 days of the new signed lease.  This requirement is defined in Ordinance #1357. Fire Safety Inspections are $75/unit as defined in Resolution #1132.  

If you have not already been contacted, please make arrangements with the Avalon Borough Administration Office to have your rental property undergo a Fire Safety Inspection and obtain your Rental Operating License.  You may call the Administration Office at 412-761-5820 for additional information or return to the Home page of our website for the forms.



Avalon Borough Ordinance #1305 also requires that an Occupancy Inspection, a Dye Test, a Tax Certification and a Lien Letter be completed prior to closing when selling your property. If you are selling your property and are unsure how to proceed, please call the Avalon Borough Administration Office or click on the Property Sales & Refinance Procedures link below for step by step instructions.



Ordinance #1272   Rental Operating License Ordinance

Ordinance #1357   Fire Safety Inspection Ordinance

Ordinance #1273   Tenant Registration Ordinance

Property Sales & Refinance Procedures  UPDATED 5/2021!


Ordinance #1305   Ordinance requiring procedures for property sales.


Occupancy Permit Application


Dye Test Application




Jordan Tax Lien Letter Application


FIre Safety Inspection Application

There is a small fee charged by a third party provider for the use of this service.



As of January 1, 2006, all owners and/or landlords of real property within the Borough's limits must place any and all water, sewer and/or garbage service in the name of the owner and/or landlord. (Chapter 310, Article III, Section 30 of the Avalon Borough Code)